It never ends

It feels like we've been back forever, but it hasn't gotten any easier. There's never enough time in the day to do everything I need to do and even one thing I want to do. Work is still non-stop - I've tried really hard to "catch up" despite what the fax machine thinks. They've finally hired a helper, but now I'm faced with a task I've never had the opportunity to participate in: training someone. I'm afraid I'm going to be a mean trainer because patience is not a word that has been ever used to describe me. I expect perfection in my work and therefore don't think its uncalled for to expect the same from others. I will try to be nice. I will work on breathing.

We're going to have to be very careful financially from this month forward. Without working any overtime hours, my paycheck will be short $100 a month without any "uh-oh's". So far I've been averaging 30-40 hours of overtime a month, but the end is near. I don't think my employer will let this continue much longer. So a challenge we've given ourselves for the month of August is to never go out to eat and to only buy "essentials" at the grocery store. One of our biggest expenses is grocery/foods. What can I say? I love it when Dane eats as much and as frequently as he wants. He looks so much more healthy than his other siblings with CF. It eases my stress when I know that he has no hunger pains. And I do my share of extra's at the grocery store (diet coke, chips and salsa, etc). I say NO MORE! ... its only 3 days in and I've already thought of going to grab fast food 3 times. ugh!

I think things may slow down in 2-3 years. Yes, I'm an optimistic slightly delusional person.


California Love

Moving back was a lot easier then I thought it would be. And its entirely thanks to my father in law. I was afraid it would be hard to live with him, but so far it has been seamless. Dane thoroughly enjoys living with Dad. They are so compatible and are two little peas in a pod.

I also was fortunate to get hired back on with my old employer making the paychecks go on unchanged. Even though I don't make nearly enough to support our tiny family of two, its still great to have some cash flow. OT has been very abundant and I am taking advantage of it to the max. I would take ALL the OT shifts, but I'm afraid they would realize how much more they are paying me. I worked 20 hours of OT last pay period and got 12 this time. Its a little hard to work 6 days a week, but I have faith that it will be worth it.

I worried that Dane would go downhill being home completely alone, but he is handling it so much better then I expected. His resting tremors are getting worse, but I'm confident that when we have his next dr visit we'll get his meds adjusted correctly. He still doesn't want to do outdoors things yet and I am DYING to go do something fun like kayaking, or daytrips in socal, or even walking the pier! Maybe the next time I don't work a Saturday lol.

I'm trying to gather the courage to try out for this musical my stake puts on every year. They do a wonderful job and put a lot of time and hard work into the program. The only problem is my repertoire is slim and very limited. I've got nothing! I don't know what to sing. The last day for tryouts is this Thursday and Saturday and there is no time to get sheet music and learn a song... I really don't want to have to sing a hymn. Ugh.


Never Saw That Coming ...

My mom is being sued for racism.

Nuff said?


Nothing better than accomplishment

I have felt miserable for the past week! It got so bad I took yesterday and today off work. It was a hard decision - be miserable at work and get paid or be miserable at home and lose out on money earned. When my coworkers starting making comment on how icky I sounded they made the decision for me. I think it helped - that and all the herbs my mom has me on :) Gotta love it.

Dane has finished his application for grad school. Really we should apply to a couple more places, but it was exhausting just to find UW. Why do legitimate schools make it so hard to find them? Anyway, he'll be taking his psychology GRE this summer and will take one (or two if I get my way) of the remaining pre-reqs he needs for a psych masters. If he doesn't get into social work this time we'll apply for pysch masters next year. We'll be even more ready.

We have accomplished one of the goals we set when we moved in with my parents: we have become essentially debt free. I owe it all to my husband. He spent hours on the phone negotiating deals and payment plans. So much time that we had to upgrade our minutes plan. We still make payments on two, but essentially we're free. It feels so good, so right. When we make that final payment, I'm going to celebrate! One goal down, two to go!

I have been a member of the church my entire life. That being said I have never read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover on my own. I've studied it in seminary, I've read it together with my family every morning growing up, but I've never done it on my own. Well no more, I officially finished it today. It was amazing! I can't wait to do the same for the other standard works. My favorite part of the day has been those five minutes when I get to work early and read in my car. It has helped me keep things in perspective, given me answers to problems I struggle with, and comforted me during hard times. I've been doing it on my iPod and lately my free version of the scriptures just isn't cutting it. Paid apps range from $.99 to $14.99 and I can't tell which one is best for me. I wish I could do trials for a couple days before I purchase... If anyone knows a good app let me know!


Merry Christmas to ME!!!

Miracle of all miracles: someone has decided to take a chance and give me employment!! Oh yeah. I start Monday and I am stoked. I was starting to worry that it was going to take another 6 months. I had a couple of interviews with no job offers and I was starting to wonder if I was going to need personality coaching. I will be doing the same thing I did at West Coast Radiology and they seem like a great company.

So if anyone needs an MRI or a CT... you know who to call!

What's even more amazing is that this experienced helped strengthen Dane's testimony. My dad gave a lesson in church on the principles and blessings of tithing. Afterwards, Dane decided to start paying a faithful tithe. Not a week went by before we were blessed financially. Getting this job really helped us and it was possible because of our decision to be full tithe payers.

Dane and I were having fun taking pictures on the Mac tonight - yes, we have nothing better to do. It's been a long time since we had any real pictures taken (wedding) or even just vacation pictures (May). Our camera broke on our last trip and we haven't gotten it fixed yet. Thus, Mac pics are all you get for now.

This is Dane's creepy "Lock up your daughters" pose. Not like gross 2000's delinquent but more cowboys and indians era.

This is my "I think I'm cool 'Gotcha' point" pose. There should be a sound bite with it. Do it for me "tchk"!

These are our super hero/villan shots. Dane is incredible red man. He gets really red when he gets angry and then his eyes shoot out white hot lasers. Mine is the best impersonation of a japanese anime character. I'm akuma howaido, white devil. It took me forever to get my eyes huge. I wasn't able to get my mouth big too.


So after running around in circles trying to find a path to psychology-hood, we've finally determined the path to Dr. Dane. We have found a program, Masters of Social Work, at the University of Washington that will be perfect. We called a contact person there and got the skinny on what they look for when picking students. Pretty much it will boil down to his entrance essay - which we will rock. I can't think of any person better suited to psychology than Dane... they'll have to accept him. Now I just have to think of back up plans, and I hope it will be easier than finding UW's program. Its really ridiculous how hard just finding a program is. It must be the first hurdle a grad student jumps, "If they can't find us, then they must not be smart enough for our program!" Well guess what, WE FOUND YOU!!!!

So far the job search for myself has been unsuccessful. I have had two interviews and one is scheduled for tomorrow. I am too optimistic I think. After each interview my family would ask how it went. And miss suzy sunshine was positive that they were going to offer it to her. And yet, I feel no shame at not getting the jobs... I think its because of my short attention span. I'm sure everything will work out in the end.

Dane and I decided to give up on Christmas this year lol. We had a budget before going to Black Friday a month ago - we blew most of it on $5 DVD's. There will be no surprises this year as we know all the gifts already. Dane currently can't drive so I'm driving everywhere (including christmas gift shopping), and that made it impossible for being secretive. I got him a Kobe jersey online and I'm worried it isn't going to get here on time... I ordered over a month ago and after I had bought it the estimated time it was going to arrive was january something. I guess its on back order or something. I'm optimistic.


It's time

At some point in everyday I feel the need to get a job and be normal. Yet every morning I only feel like going back to bed. I never should have started sleeping in... it'll get you every time! Just sending out my resume thru craigslist isn't going to cut it. I don't know why I expected it too. It didn't work in Utah, and it didn't work in California. I'm going to need to get out and see people face to face. Ugh.

Another stone in my backpack are all the Christmas gifts I'm accumulating under my kitchen table. Someone needs to wrap them and the more I ignore it, the larger the pile is getting. I hate christmas's on a budget. I love getting Dane things, but the things are always too expensive! I don't want to cop out and give him things like socks (lol, I will not turn into my mother!).


I just finished off this post and when I went to publish it my internet magically wasn't connected! I lost half of it. I am not going to try and fix it. Okay fine .. Readers digest:

1. Google didn't help with Xmas ideas
2. Coupon books don't work with Dane
3. But if you are interested in making your own coupon book (PG rating) go to: http://www.rom101.com/lovecoupons.jsp